The Pony Music Archive


The boring stuff that no one actually asked for!

Why a new pony music archive?

Ever wanted to listen to some artist, but they have 3 aliases, cleaned pony out of their Youtube, and you're never sure which music site might be missing what song?
The reason for the archive is to keep all the fandom music in one easily accessible place.
That and with the MLPMA being essentially dead, we needed to preserve all the awesome songs released since then!

Where does all that music come from?

Nowadays a large part of the archive comes from public download links, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and other music collections.
Historically most of the songs came from, a large fandom music site. Note that we're not officially affiliated with (although this used to be called the Music Archive because of it).

I have a previous version, can I upgrade?

If your version of the archive is earlier than March 2019, you can't upgrade in-place and you need to re-download from scratch.
The March 2019 version splits compilation albums into their own folder (they were previously under Various Artists) and removes a ton of duplicates, so it can't be made compatible (upgrades can't remove old files).

I'm an audiophile, and what do the quality levels actually mean?

We source songs from the best source we can find: FLAC, or the highest-quality MP3 available, usually V0 or 320. After some sorting and tagging, this becomes the raw version.
The high-quality archive is the same contents transcoded to Opus 1.3 VBR C10 @ 96kbps, which is practically transparent (shows no or imperceptible distortions in listening tests).
The phone version is Opus @ 60kbps, it aims for high compression and absolutely will have distortions, but not enough to be annoying on cheaper audio hardware (or if you have imperfect hearing!).

So how many FLACs and compressed songs are there then?

Since many fan songs were never released in FLACs (or any sort of acceptable quality for that matter), currently about 35% of the raw archive is lossless and the rest is in MP3.
We always try to find good sources for the music, however sometimes there just isn't any to be found.
Take for example "I Am Best Pony" by Circuitfry, from Remix War Vol. 2, by far the worst in the archive. This song is only available as a mind-blowing 8kb/s, 22kHz MP3 (but hey, in stereo!).
The file of course sounds like hot garbage, and confuses most music software into thinking it's half an hour long, until playing through the actual 5 minutes of it.

Is this taking away Youtube views / iTunes sales from artists?

If you can afford to, and if you find some songs you like in there, please support your favorite artists. If you can't, Soundcloud,, or Bandcamp are equally free to listen to.
This archive simply keeps everything in one place and preserves a lot more rare content. As of this release, no artist has requested that we take down any song from the archive.
We genuinely hope to help people discover new or underappreciated pony music, so that some of them may turn into new fans.

How is the archive maintained?

Small scripts help automate the maintenance and cleanup, however please don't hesitate to report any issue you may find.
See at the bottom for contact information and links to the Pony Music Archive's source code.