Goodbye horses

Unfortunately, the Pony Music Archive is gone.

This project took a lot of time & energy to maintain, but due to a recent flurry of takedown requests it would have taken a lot of time to get everything back in order while satisfying everyone's demands.
That's more hours than we can spend. So we're shutting down.

We've always tried to be very transparent & open with everything we do.
We said we'd be happy to comply with takedown requests, and we did.
However, to protect the innocent, and since we're not about to release a scrubbed down archive anyways, we are not publishing the legitimate takedown notices we've received. There's no point.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, and thank you to the musicians whose contents we've hosted.
You've all made this fandom a joy to be a part of.

H.T. Nyquist out /)